Mitch Kramer is my name. Greenhill Analysis is my brand and the name of my blog. I’m an analyst, consultant, and writer currently focusing on customer service applications—applications that help answer customers’ questions, resolve their problems, or create a case to represent those questions and problems when answers and solutions are not yet available.

Customer service applications perform account management, case management, knowledge management and search, process management, and social network monitoring, analysis, and interaction functions. Customers or agents acting on customers’ behalves access them on self-service, assisted-service and social-service channels. (Yes, social-service is an ambiguous term, but it makes for a parallel list and its meaning is reasonably clear in this context.)

My reports document my evaluations of the products and services that implement customer service application. The actual products or their user documentation are my key inputs.

These are in-depth evaluations designed to help user organizations compare and select the offerings that meet their requirements. They’re also very useful for suppliers’ product planning, product marketing, and sales. But, they’re way too long and way too detailed to post in a blog.

Blog posts are my take on my reports. They’re part summary and part editorial.

Here I am hard at work on my next report. Sometimes it’s hard to break through (the plaster and metal lath) to find exactly what a product does and how it does it.


1 thought on “About

  1. Hi Mitch. I work with [24]7 who recently purchased IntelliResponse. I understand from Tim Peters that you’ve done some content work for IntelliResponse. Tim has since moved on and I’m wondering if you’ve had any contact with [24]7? If not, perhaps we should arrange an introductory call. I’m based in California.

    Kevin Payne, VP of Field Marketing, [24]7

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